Improvement of Box Girder on Toll Road Project based on Relative Importance Index (RII)

  • Diah Ika Rahmawati, Albert Eddy Husin


The development of infrastructure development implementation in the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) in 2019, the position of the Indonesian state is 72 out of 141 countries and ranked 5th in the Southeast Asian Region. The development of the increase in the number of vehicles that continues to increase every year is between 10% - 55% per year and is not balanced with the development of road length which is only around 1,9% per year. And the occurrence of construction execution time is delayed by 11,95%. This delay occurs in the upper structure work. The expected goal in this research is time efficiency in the implementation of development. In this study, the focus was on the upper structure work on the box girder, to improve time efficiency and cost efficiency. Factors affecting with this method respectively are Image Documents, Work Time, Work Value, Percentage of Delays, Network Simplification, Combined Activities, Number of Network Benchmarks / Number of Activities.