Comparitive Study on Methods used to Improve the Corrosion Resistance Property of Aluminium Alloys – A Review

  • Siddesh Kumar. N. M, Monica J, Karthikareddy G, Sadashiva. M, Ganapathy Bawge


Aluminium alloy has a wide range of application in industries, Automotive sectors, Marine industries, Aircraft components, aviation industries, construction of buildings and many more due to its versatile mechanical properties, that its high strength, high malleability, better conductivity, excellent ductility, light weight, light density, good flexibility and high thermal conductivity. Aluminium alloy is known for its strength and less expansive hence it’s more attractive in terms of Economical and financial that is why Aluminium alloy has made a remarkable place in industrial Application so to overcome corrosion and wear properties this in the briefing about applications and limitations of aluminium and its alloys. Different Coating method is been discussed to improve corrosion resistance of aluminium alloy. The truth is there are hundreds of techniques and operations to perform so as to achieve corrosion resistance, but the result of all other operations is very slightly varied. But plasma electrolysis oxidation (PEO) holds good in coating because it gives the best results when compared to the other coating methods because PEO has more beneficial factors like coating with high hardness, wear resistance and chemical passivity. . PEO gives best result for light weight material that is aluminium, magnesium and Titanium. The pores structure forms high strength and high tolerance and also more than these PEO is economically and friendly method.

Keywords- Super hydrophobic, coating, anodizing, Plasma electrolysis Oxidation, Electro plating