A New Method For Self-Adaptive Drainage Network Extraction In Complex Terrain

  • Dandan Su, Long Fei, Tingxiang Liu, Wentao Cai


A close-to-natureflow direction judgment model is established, which is helpful to determine the flow directions of the pointsof the drainage network.The standardized residuals and the normalized residuals of the points of the drainage network are calculated, and a self-adaptive fitting surface model in complex terrain is constructed.A method for calculating the catchment capability values is proposed to calculate the catchment capabilities of all points in the complex terrain area, and the catchment capability values is the quantitative embodiments of the catchment capabilities in complex terrain. The normalized residuals and the catchment capacity values of the branch nodes of the drainage networkare taken as two necessary conditions for drainage network pruning. The river segments are searched upward from the root points of the first-order streams, and they are processed smoothly, which are exported in the form of MAPGIS code file.