Fission Response Of Heavy Metals In Rocks Under Mineralization

  • CHENG Feng,CHEN Junhua, YANG Bai, CHEN Aijun,SU Chun hui1,WU Di


The expansion and contraction damage caused by heavy metal elements intrusion into rock mass is the main problem of rock slope failure. Based on the theory of ion mineralization, the mechanism of mineralization and the mechanism of extension, diffusion and transfixion of heavy metal pollution elements are analyzed. The typical elements are verified by spectral analysis and dispersion fracture model. Under the static loading condition, the invasion process of the spectral characteristics are analyzed and studied, and the mineralization performance, extension performance and diffusion performance of different heavy metal ions after intruding into the rock mass are discussed; the fracture surface diffusion constitutive model is established by the combination of macro damage monomer model and microdamage monomer model in series, and the diffusion constitutive relationship model of the fracture surface is considered. The effects of some key parameters on the fission response caused by micro extension and diffusion failure, as well as the laws of shear damage and tensile damage caused by micro to macro extension and diffusion failure, are studied. The experimental results and theoretical results are verified by the series combination model. The results show that the mineralization reaction of different heavy metal elements and colloidal mineral elements is different, the size of which is linear with the activity of intrusive elements and the time effect; the elongation coefficient, the diffusion coefficient determine the extension and diffusion rate of fractures in the rock mass; the parameter of mineralization performance is the main factor affecting the stress diffusion damage of the intrusion surface, the fracture surface diffusion constitutive model is reasonable to describe the fission effect of the micro rock mass. The research results provide an important theoretical basis for the expansion and contraction deformation failure of rock slope invaded by heavy metals.