Optimizing The Smart Farming Using Artificial Intelligence Based Arduino Controller

  • Akash Jaiman, Ruchi Sharma


The demand in requirement of of agricultural product is increasing day by day due to the ex   potential growth of population across the world. The connection among the soil, farmers and farming field is composite. It is a tough task for the farmers to get well along the use of advanced technologies in farming. The use of advanced technologies will also help to increase the production of the crop. The primary objective of the projected work is to implement an AI based IoT model to determine the moisture at different environment. Smart farming based on Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), microcontroller and so on. The AI based smart farming includes sensors, camera and multiple smart devices to give the analysis of all the action comprise in farming. The current paper casts a dream of how matched areas of horticulture can be fed using AI. In addition, it examines the thoughts controlled by AI for the future and the difficulties foreseen for the future. The information related to the amount of moisture is estimated.  It is also observed that the total time taken to processed the data from transmitter to receiver is also reduced which is 0.48 sec for line of sight (LOS), 0.69 sec, 0.69 sec, 4.95 sec and 6 sec for Non-line of sight (N-LOS). Hence, it is concluded that the farmers will received the information about the moisture quantity in rapid manner irrespective of the environment conditions.