The Structure And Function Optimization Of The Maker Space Based On The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem And Dissipation Structure

  • Yingyan Wang


In the past two years, the construction of creative space has been widely carried out throughout the country. At the same time, with its rapid development, there have been some problems that need to be solved urgently. Maker space is a new type of entrepreneurial ecosystem that appears under the Chinese situation, which can not only promote innovative entrepreneurship, but also help to observe and summarize the mechanism and law behind the large number of innovative entrepreneurships, and better serve the transformation of entrepreneurship and economic transformation. The application of entrepreneurial ecosystem theory and dissipation theory can guide the construction and development of creative space, optimize the structure and function of creative space, highlight the self-organization characteristics in its evolution process, promote synergies between factors and enlarge the micro-ups and downs of the system into huge ups and downs, accelerate the evolution of the system from disorder to order, from low-level order to high-level order, so that the maker space as soon as possible from a physical space to become a self-organizing, self-gaining entrepreneurial ecosystem, better serve China's entrepreneurial transformation.