A Novel Device for Physical Disabilities People Interactions Using Embedded Processors

  • Dr.K.Gopalakrishnan, Mr.M. Manicka Ayyanar, Mr.S.Sreenivas


Communication plays a major role in expressing our thoughts to others. But communication is difficult for people with disabilities; such as blindness, deafness and dumbness, to express their thoughts and feelings to other people. Thus, a prototype is built in this proposed work, which can be used to communicate through all three combinations of disabled people to express their thoughts. For communication, the blind people use the braille language. The deaf and dumb people use sign language to express their thoughts to others. Currently, the existing system can fulfill the person with like physical disabilities (i.e.) only a blind person can communicate with another blind person. But in this proposed work, a device is designed that can be used to interact with people of all sorts of disabilities (i.e. any disabled person can communicate with another deaf or dumb person or blind person or a normal person). This proposed device is a cross-platform that is used by either blind or deaf or dumb or any of the three combinations or a normal person. The proposed device is user friendly (i.e.) blind people can choose braille language and deaf and dumb people can choose text or sign language. Normal persons use the text language for interaction. If a blind person wishes to send a message to a deaf person, then the blind person must provide the braille input which will be converted to text message during wireless transmission. The text will be converted to either sign language or displayed as such for deaf person at the receiver end of the device.

KeywordsHand glove, Flex sensor, sign language, Braille language, RF module, Arduino Uno board.