A Comparative study of Android and iPhone Operating System main languages

  • Mohanad Ali Meteab Al-Obaidi, Yasmin Makki Mohialden, Muna Abdul Hussain Radhi, Noor abdallah othman


Mobile applications and smart devices have become one of the basics of our life, institutions and all industries in the market depend on marketing their products through smartphone applications because of the preoccupation of individuals with them and their frequent presence on social media sites. Their use of mobile phones, especially in recent times. The mobile operating system is one of the most important ideas to focus on them by customers through the telephone purchase process and identify any family he belongs to. Before looking at the capabilities of the device in terms of screen, memory, capacity, and other services, the customer chooses which operating system family to organize. It is known that the market today is dominated by three systems: iOS of Apple, Android of Google, and Microsoft's Windows Phone. In this paper, different mobile programming languages will be compared depending on the most popular operating systems.