The Development of Learning Models Based on Project Video Vlog in Culinary Arts Course for Vocational Education

  • Lise Asnur, Nizwardi Jalinus, Anni Faridah


Learning always follows technological developments. Industrial revolution 4.0 has a positive and negative impact on the world of education. The industrial revolution 4.0 in education has a negative impact, which can threaten the existence of educational institutions and lecturers. However, it can also have a positive impact as it brings many opportunities for innovative research and classroom practice which can further accelerate and optimize lecturer productivity and student learning outcomes. The demands of the education sector must be able to adapt to information and communication technology (ICT), especially in learning activities. This is a challenge for vocational education in order to prepare graduates to become qualified human resources from vocational schools who have competencies according to the needs of the times and even have multi competencies with technological developments being a necessity. One alternative to learning in the 4.0 century is the video vlog project. Since vlogging is a collaborative learning platform that offers the possibility to practice oral production skills that are difficult to apply in a communication context.

Keywords- learning model, culinary arts course, video vlog project