Experimental Investigation on the Stir Cast Hybrid Aluminium 6061 Composites using Bio Mesquite Wood ash Reinforcement

  • S.Gopinath, M.Prince, G.Mohankumar


This paper has portrayed the evaluation of mechanical, tribological, and corrosion behavior of stir cast hybrid aluminum 6061(T6) matrix composites. The designed proportions of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3), bio Mesquite Wood Ash (M.W.A.), and graphite (C) were introduced as reinforcements in the Al6061 composites and stir cast. The reinforced samples have minimum tensile strength (241-207 MPa) than the bare Al 6061 alloy due to the inclusion of rigid, brittle reinforcements. The compressive strength of Al6061-15Al2O3-5MWA-5C and Al6061-10Al2O3-10MWA-5C sample was increased up to 20-30% bare Al alloy (330 MPa) due to the higher amount of Al2O3 and with less ash percentage.On the other hand, density was low (2.6-2.4 g/cm3) for the reinforced composites than bare Al 6061 alloy (2.7 g/cm3). The Al6061-15Al2O3-5MWA-5C has enhanced higher microhardness value (202 HV) than the other hybrid samples and bare alloy. From the wear study, the addition of higher proportions of Al2O3 with self-lubricating graphite powder has promoted better wear resistance for the Al6061-15Al2O3-5MWA-5C sample. From the electrochemical corrosion analysis, the Al6061-20MWA-5C sample has achieved higher corrosion resistance (-0.278 ± 0.005 V) with a minimum current density of -1.2 ± 0.012 µA/cm2than the other composites and bare Al alloy.

Keywords:Al2O3, Tensile, Wear, Mesquite Wood Bio Ash (M.W.A), and Stir Casting.