Evaluation of Communication Protocols and Selection of Suitable Protocol in a Typical WPT Application


  • Vinay Yadav Gudise, Kesamreddy Sreelakshmi, Phaneendra Babu Bobba, SMIEEE


In a typical wireless power transfer application where there is a requirement of charging multiple batteries at the receiver side from a single source side transmitter circuit, there needs wireless communication in between the coils of the transmitter and the receivers in order to maintain constant and continuous power charging of batteries and also proper control of receiver circuit. The applications of this kind and similar applications where the communication network plays a crucial role in optimizing wireless power transmission. Choosing the correct wireless communication protocol is one of the finer arts in establishing a wireless network between the power coils. In this paper, the different communication protocols available are mentioned, the protocol comparison and selection of suitable wireless communication protocol for this application is discussed. This paper does not contribute to any research but is merely for the purpose of the study.

Keywords—Wireless power transfer (WPT), Communication protocols, Wireless communication network, Wireless battery charging systems.