Institutional Standards for the Quality of Admission to Architectural Education


  • YahyaJalil Abed, Ibrahim Jawad Al-Youssef


It is the view of wa architecture of n the architectural education and its quality is the original in the presence of architects and their ingenuity and hence the quality of architectural production and architecture in general , and although eating too much of the research subject of architectural education and the quality and conformity to standards of quality Internatioanl but it was standing with him the level of quality education process and outputs only a focus of the standards organizations global accreditation without paying attention to addressing the problems and causes transferred to this process of education processes earlier   and that T represents the entrance to the quality of architectural education system and they are The students admitted to this as well as the type of education if we assume that architectural education operations conducted educational institute Yeh quality high too, but admitted that the institution does not have the qualifications and abilities that enable them to communicate and deal with  architecture and education architecture , thus we find educational quality output low Despite the quality of the education process and its compliance with international quality standards ,

From here formed the research problem of the need to determine the criteria for the existence of acceptance for students of architectural education in universities and local ,   and to be the goal of research is to ensure the quality of architectural education system interaction with the environment external included that the quality of the process of architectural education outcomes in local universities ,

  And to resolve the problem of research a depend research descriptive and analytical approach to a group of studies architecture that t n has paid existence of architectural education and its dimensions and some studies retaining in the field of quality and quality institutions to reach the results crafted of all that knowledge presented T. such as a set of standards that follow them can ensure the quality of inputs In the system of architectural education, and then the research moved to extrapolate the sincerity of those vocabulary deduced in external reality through practical study and ending with the conclusions of the representative of the conclusion of the findings of the research evidence.