Fuzzy-TOPSIS & Grey-Fuzzy for multi-attribute optimization of process parameters in EDM for Al-2050 alloy


  • Dhiraj Kumar, Sharifuddin Mondal


This study aims at investigating the influence of system parameters like tool type, discharge current, pulse-on time & pulse-off time on the output parameters like MRR, TWR & Depth during EDM of third generation Al-2050 alloy. A Taguchi method – based orthogonal L27 has been considered for this purpose. Fuzzy-TOPSIS & Grey-Fuzzy has been applied to quantify the influence of the machining parameters on the output response and the optimal combination of these parameters are found out. From this investigation, optimal combination is same for both techniques as T = Cu-W alloy, DC = 20A, Ton = 300µs & Toff = 24µs and improvement in the closeness coefficient are 0.326522 & 0.128186 for Fuzzy-TOPSIS & Grey-Fuzzy respectively. Closeness coefficient responses clearly show that DC is the most influencing parameter followed by Toff, Ton& T in Fuzzy-TOPSIS whereas in Grey-Fuzzy it is DC followed by Ton, T & Toff. Moreover, sensitivity analysis was also performed to verify the robustness of decision makers’ choice of optimal process parameters.

Keywords-Al-2050 alloy, Taguchi method, Multi-attribute, optimization, Fuzzy, TOPSIS, GRA