The Influence Of Using Human Resources And Telecommuniction In Achieu Total Quality Management

  • Dr.Raghad yousif Gabrow, Hajer Talib Kareem


Information technology as the basic pillar of human service and its field of work in order to secure, store, and deliver information after processing and preparing it for the user with speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness. This study seeks to verify the relationship and the impact of information technology as an explanatory variable in Total Quality Management as a responsive variable, in the (Kirkuk Antiquities Inspectorate) In addition to identifying its levels and importance for the inspectorate that is being researched, and in order to come up with a set of recommendations that contribute to strengthening the overall quality management of the inspectorate that is being researched, starting from the importance of the subject of study in public organizations and the importance of the researched organization to society, the descriptive exploratory applied approach was adopted to complete this study The study included a sample of the inspectorate’s leaders and workers, and data was collected from fifty respondents who represented the study sample exclusively and comprehensively, namely: (managers, assistants, and workers) by adopting the questionnaire that included fifty paragraphs. Personal interviews and field observations were used as methods and methods to assist in their collection. The study adopted the program ( Spss v.25, Amos v.25), in addition to relying on statistical methods Descriptive (normal distribution test, confirmatory factor analysis, construction of variables models, arithmetic mean, percentages, standard deviation, relative importance, coefficient of variation, Pearson correlation coefficient, and simple regression coefficient) to test hypotheses. Good reciprocal interdependence relationships between information technology and total quality management, while the results showed the administration’s interest in the Kirkuk Antiquities Inspectorate in the physical components more than all means of using the studied information technology in order to achieve Total Quality Management.