Assess The Sensitivity Of Freshwater Resources To Environmental Changes

  • Eman Mehdi Al-Mousawi


The sensitivity of freshwater resources was assessed In order to better optimize the current position of the water under the prevailing conditions, identify any factors .These impacts on the vulnerability of these resources to environmental change. This study provides input decision makers have options to assess and adjust existing policies and implement measures to improve management Water Resources. The sensitivity index for each region was calculated according to the methodology And Peking University, through the results show that all regions are characterized by the sensitivity of UNEP between This indicates that the water sector has a high vulnerability to variables Environmental, which may occur in the basin, the Thames River Basin area was a sensitive area vi = blind. It was also found that the most significant factor affecting the value of this indicator is the length change coefficient it is a factor caused by natural conditions and can be used as an indicator (RSV) To highlight the sensitivity of the region to the environmental variable, while the second factor is the coefficient.