Employee Turnover in Nepalese Commercial Bank with Reference to Civil Bank Limited and Laxmi Bank limited

  • Manoj K. Chaudhary, Ajay Prasad Dhakal


Employee turnover is shifting of employees form one organization to another organization due to different reasons. This study reflects to assess the employee turnover rate in Nepalese commercial banks with reference to Civil bank limited and Laxmi bank limited. The study has used both primary and secondary data form the sample form with help of questionnaire and different published and unpublished reports of the sample banks. The collected data are analyzed with the help of MS-excel, SPSS and descriptive statistics. The study found that financial rewards, nature of works, transfer decisions, relationship with cop-workers, career opportunity ad working environment as major influencing factors in employee’s turnover in banking institutions. Thus, the study recommended that to plan and adopt the effective payment & reward schemes and motivational strategies to minimize the employees’ turnover.