An Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Wear Resistance of Deep Cryogenic AA7075 MMC


  • V.Mohankumar, K.Sooryaprakash


This research paper investigates the effect of deep cryogenic AA7075 reinforced with Boron Carbide (B4C) MMCs in the aspect of mechanical properties and wear resistance. AA7075 specimens are fabricated with boron carbide as reinforcements by stir casting. Specimens are subjected to deep cryogenic treatment for soaking duration of 12, 24 and 36 hrs. Hardness, tensile and impact strengths have been examined for the non-treated and treated AA7075 MMC. The wear resistance of AA7075 MMC with deep cryogenic treated and non-cryogenic samples identified with the help of pin on disc apparatus. Result exhibits the better mechanical properties for 24 hours soaking duration of AA7075 MMC. Better microstructure reveals the grain bonding and the uniform grain structure in the AA7075 MMC for the soaking duration of 24 hours. Wear resistance was improved with this 24 hours deep cryogenic treated composites.

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