Cuk Converter With Fuzzy Mppt Algorithm For Grid-Tied Pv System

  • janarthanan.S.K, kathirvel.C


One of the promising technologies for preserving the environment is the usage of renewable energy sources (RES) since it conserves the nature and among various RES, solar energy is regarded as the magnificent source, because it is available all through the year. In this work, a grid connected PV system is analysed with CUK converter for boosting the PV voltage and Fuzzy based MPPT is employed for tracking the maximum power. CUK converter is chosen as its input current is continuous with less ripples when compared with boost converters. As the attained power of PV panel is uneven, tracking algorithms are necessary to extricate the maximum power. As the conventional tracking algorithms shows oscillations in tracking the power, an intelligence based Fuzzy algorithm is utilized. This converter’s output is then given to the grid by means of a VSI. Grid synchronization is accomplished by a PI controller, in which the actual and reference power are analogized. This proposed control scheme is verified through simulation using MATLAB and it is observed that the source current THD of  and the tracking efficiency of fuzzy based MPPT is  are accomplished