Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of Aluminium Material Busbar for Various Temperature Distribution


  • Dr Josua Gananasekar, Dr A G Ganesh Kumar, Dr V S Thangarasu, Dr N V Dhandapani


A high current will passes through the beam of aluminium material and the temperature will increase in plates. The ambient temperature is 55°C. Consider a fan air flow rate of 3000m3/hr to determine the temperature distribution and Resolved by using finite element method approach. The main objective is to finding out the maximum temperature distribution of current 200,000A. When two fans are introducing on either side of the busbar with flow rate of 3000m3/hr, current equals to 200,000A and busbar temperature at 120°C. Therefore, to determine the temperature distribution of introducing two fans are in running condition.

Keywords: Bus bar, Finite element analysis. Temperature distribution