Thoughts and Suggestions on Water Resources Management in Jiangxi Province


  • YI Lin-ya, LIU Sheng, LI Yi-lan, HUANG Yi, CHEN Zhan-li, ZHOU Meng-yan, YAN Chen-hui


The results of water resources management are closely related to people's life and social and economic development. Although China has a vast territory and abundant comprehensive resources, it is also necessary to have a sense of sustainable development, especially water resources management, in the face of resource problems. Based on this, this paper studies the water resources management in Jiangxi Province. In recent years, the region has achieved the results of "reducing waste and increasing efficiency" in water resources management, but still faces many problems. This paper analyzes the present situation of water resources management in Jiangxi Province and analyzes the substantive problems in order to strengthen the efficiency of water resources management and utilization in Jiangxi Province. Hope to provide reference for relevant personnel.