Designing a Model for Innovation in Sports Businesses in the Form of a Shared Economy Model


  • Zahra Shakermi , Meisam Shafiee Roudposhti , Abolfazl Khosrawi, Ali Saberi


The aim of this study was to design a model for innovation in sports businesses in the form of a shared economy model. In this research, a combined or mixed approach, including qualitative and quantitative methods has been used to answer the research questions. The current research method was practical in terms of the type of goal, because the results were provided to be used in the country's sports complexes to develop their businesses. Library studies were used for data collection and taking notes was used as the tools. Moreover, the meta-combined method was utilized and after reviewing the literature of the research, the indicators of the common economy in sports were identified and coded, then by categorizing the codes, the initial framework was developed. Finally, by asking questions and interviewing, the validity and reliability of this model were evaluated and confirmed by the experts. Then, the final model of business innovation in sports complexes was developed based on the shared economy. In the next step, the effectiveness and use of model indicators were examined and effective indicators were ranked. The results showed that the indicators of the common economy regarding the occurrence of innovation in sports businesses included 3 main categories (customers, owners and platform), 9 themes in each sector (sports venues and spaces, sports equipment and supplies, tickets and awards, technology, brand and reputation, training and consulting, athletes, managers, coaches, staff and fans) and 126 codes (in general). The results of the present study showed that brand and reputation with a coefficient of proximity of 0.659 was identified as the most important attractiveness of business innovation. In other words, innovation in the field of brand and reputation from the perspective of research samples had been identified as one of the most important innovations in this regard.