Thermodynamics and Kinetic Study for Removal of Rhodamine B Dye from Aqueous Solution by CoMo/γ.Al2O3 Nano composite

  • Amir Fahdil Dawood AL-Niaimi, Obaida Adnan Jwameer*


The (CoMo/Al2O3)  was used for the adsorption of Rhodamine B from aqeous solution . The Nano γ.Al2O3 as support was prepared by Co-Precipitation method from Aluminium Chlorides hexahydrate (AlCl3.6H2O) and calcination at temperature of 550 ºC. Then CoMo/γ.Al2O3 nanocomposite was prepared by impregnation method were  the  source of  Cobalt was Cobalt nitrate (Co(NO3)2) and ammonium  hepta  Molybdate  was the source of Molybdate on the prepared Nano γ.Al2O3 support with Calcination at a temperature 550 ºC.

They are characterized by FTIR , XRD , FESEM techniques also (BET) techniques was used for mesure the surface area of the nano catalyst.The results shows that the best  conditions for adsorption  were (pH 2) at a (0.25 g/L) dose with in (40) minutes of contact time. The thermodynamic studies showed that the process is endothermic and spontaneous. The kinetic was described by pseudo-second-order. The equilibrium adsorption data fitted the Freundlich isotherm well.