Combined Tone Reservation and Clipping Technique for Reducing PAPR in OFDM-Based VLC Systems

  • Abdulmajeed Aanie Mahmoud, Ayad Atiyah Abdulkafi


The main problem of OFDM based VLC system is"high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR)". Large PAPR causes signal distortion in VLC system due to the nonlinear properties of (LED) and rising difficulty in retrieval the original signal at the receiver. In this work, a new system of PAPR reduction proposed for OFDM-based VLC systems by using tone reservation combined with the signal clipping technique named (TRC). The hybrid TRC scheme has significantly reduced the PAPR with acceptable performance of (BER). Comparisons between TRC proposed system, tone reservation and clipping methods are performed for various orders of modulation. The obtained simulation results confirmed that TRC proposed system achieve approximately 5 dB gain of PAPR reduction as compared with the original signal of VLC-OFDM at a CCDF of 10-1 while it has PAPR reductions of about 1 dB and 1.4 dB when compared to tone reservation and signal clipping approaches, respectively. Finally, "TRC proposed system furthermore give better the other methods with the simulation results in terms of BER implementation for all taken scenarios."