Efficient and Consistent Privacy Preserving CipherText Policy Framework Based on Attribute Access Control

  • Maraka Venkatesh Yadav, Amutha Prabakar M


With Innovative Technologies business  are undergoing a substantial revolution. Business data  are being computerized and stored and processed in  cloud computing and shared with wide range of  participants. To be competent to take out a business,  the suitable access controls are mandatory. As with  processes, the entire set of access controls (AC) are  segregated into two separate, predetermined sets of  access controls: resource access controls (RAC), and  administrative access controls (AAC). In this  proposed research, an communicative and effective  access rights policy with attribute/participants based  on planned dualistic outcome access structure is  planned. We make use of the attribute cluster methodology to attain the attribute/participants  access rights in our work.

Keywords- attribute based access control (ABAC),  role based access control (RBAC), Attribute based  Encryption (ABE), authorization; privilege.