Applications of IOT in Arrangement of Sensors on Construction of Structural Steel Buildings using Optimization Techniques


  • Dr.Karthiga Shenbagam N, Mohanraj A


In the current rapid growing industry and constructional developments for the growth of infrastrural systems such as dams, cannels, multistorey frames, long span and sport span bridges, tunnel construction. Structural Health monitoring plays a vital role in this rapid growing industry to analyze and manipulate the life of the structure, in order to do it, sensors are placed on a sequential manner on various parts of the structures or structural element to record the various required details. Placement of sensors on the position or designing a proper layout of arrangement of sensors, traditional optimization techniques such as Genetic algorithm, Partical swarm optimization, Ant colony algorithm, Bacterial foraging optimization technique, hybrid algorithm combination with Genetic algorithm, is being used in this study. From the study of all the techniques the results confirm that the use of hybrid algorithm gives an optimal and merely accurate solutions.

Keywords-Optimisation, Algorithm, Matlab, sensor, arrangement, layout