Vibro signal analysis of various piston profile IC Engine for Event Detection

  • N.Nandakumar, S.Periyasamy


The engine vibration phenomenon due to different sources is very difficult to identify because of the complex nature of influencing parameters. In this work a way was devised to easily find out the vibration due to combustion and how this vibration as well as the combustion was varied for elliptical and hemispherical profile piston fitted engine. Here all the engine operating parameters are put to one side as a constant and the piston profile only changed for the investigation. Different signals available in vibration signature was separated and grouped. From the vibration energy level the combustion events of internal combustion engine cycle was defined and the vibration difference due to profile change was identified. FFT spectrum for both piston engines was compared and vibrating energy levels were recognized. The signal details were discussed for different speed at various stages. This approach in combustion phenomenon and related different mechanical components / events induced vibration was very useful in reduction of vibration using integrated parts like combustion chamber profile.

Keywords- Combustion chamber, Vibration, FFT spectrum, Signal, Energy level