Impact analysis of System Frequency on Power System State Estimation


  • R.Chidanandappa, R S Shivarudra swamy, H Pradeepa, Abhimanuyu Gartia


A State Estimation is a significant aspect of the online security analysis feature in power system control centers. The problem of estimating the power system states of system in real time varies with complex load changes that result in system frequency changes also. In this paper, the performance evaluation of State estimation due to change in system frequency is carried out. Computation of State Estimation simulation carried out on five bus 400 kV practical southern grid system. Further the effect of variation of system frequency on state estimation in terms of voltage and power flow variation has been investigated. To minimize the errors in state estimation results, flow chart has been proposed, to model the system network at operating frequency which ensures stable analysis of the power system in real time conditions.

Keywords- State estimation,System Security,corrected power flow