Fault diagnosis and protection strategy of active distribution network based on edge computing


  • Wei Ye, Dawei Wang, Tong Li, Jianzhong Peng


With the widespread application of distributed energy to the distribution network, the random growth at both ends of the power load of the distribution network, the structure and direction of the distribution network power flow have undergone major changes, and the rapid progress of the distribution system has been promoted. Changed the traditional passive power distribution network. Transition to active power distribution system. The transition of the active power distribution system has also changed from the traditional simple power distribution role to a new power distribution system node that integrates power generation, transmission, storage and distribution, thus forming a flexible grid structure that can coordinate distributed power generation. Active power distribution network with active load operation and energy storage functions. Active distribution network is a large-scale electronic physical system that combines physical networks, information equipment and computing units. It shows the coexistence characteristics based on time and events, and the highly integrated control of energy flow and information flow. This paper studies the fault diagnosis and protection strategy of active distribution network based on edge computing. Firstly, it summarizes the advantages of active distribution network based on edge computing and the characteristics of edge computing through the literature research method. The types and causes of faults in the active distribution network are studied, and protection strategies are proposed by summarizing the results. Survey results: The faults on power distribution equipment accounted for about 55%, human factors accounted for about 10%, and natural factors accounted for about 20%. It can be seen that the faults of the active distribution network based on edge computing mainly depend on the power distribution equipment. You can add protective covers to some equipment, or start from the material to enhance the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment. The reason for the aging of the line accounts for about 45%, the reason for the unreasonable line distance accounts for about 30%, and the stolen line equipment accounts for about 20%. The quantity of monitoring equipment can be strengthened, and the frequency of line maintenance can be strengthened.