Management of Construction Waste In Nuclear And Thermal Power Plant Projects In India

  • Nawanath Pandharinath Phadtara, Dr. Akeelahmed Khan


Construction waste is important both in terms of efficiency and in terms of the ecosystem. This paper aims to describe the causes of waste generation in various construction stages in various power-power projects in India. Methods for mitigating building waste was recommended, after discovery, by implementing suitable construction and management controls and methods for the removal of waste. In different types of projects, the use of different construction materials has differing effects on waste production, the environment and costs. Data from the study of five under development or already completed power plant projects in several states of India were obtained.In order to standardise, data cleaning and reliability analysis carried out by SPSS, the reasons of this event of each object and detail is analysed from the query. The outcome and site inputs / factual evidence for the tabulation of opinion versus facts have been used for the initial questionnaire. A second questionnaire for the validity of the above was also initiated with a non-parametric statistical test and appropriate guidance was provided to minimise waste. The study exposes the main root factors in the construction of power plant projects for material wastage and provides the related project team with proper knowledge through preparation. The results would help to increase project efficiency during development, save costs by 1.667% to 1.941% of the overall cost of the project and minimise natural resource exploitation.