Fuzzy Logic Control Scheme for Electric Vehicles Controller Strategy

  • Mr. Patil Laxman Shamrao, Dr. R. K. Gupta


A rule-based controller such as a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) seems to be a better approach for control of BLDC motors for EV applications as it works on the principle of linguistic control. The Fuzzy logic (FL) method for speed control strengthens the motor system's complex behaviour and is resistant to load disruptions and changes in parameters. The FLC is constructed using a straightforward analogy of the control surfaces of the FLC and of a given PI controller for the same application. Compared to PI control, FL control improves the accuracy of the speed response. In this paper, a speed control approach for BLDC motors used in Electric Vehicles is studied. The performance of FLC based speed control of BLDC motor is investigated using MATLAB software and is compared with conventional PI controller. It is found that the FLC controller has better speed response as compared to PI controller during this paper for EV applications.