Smart Greenhouse Powered by Solar Energy: A Review

  • Sura H Hassan, Abdullateef A Jadallah, Ghassan Bilal


Climate change because of fossil fuel emissions of greenhouse gases has caused many countries to channel resources to renewable energy sources for commercial use. Solar power is one of the highly untapped and underutilized sources of renewable energy. The paper focuses on the use of electricity and heat technologies in renewable energies and examines a range of renewable electricity and heat generated technologies to understand and estimate the current lifecycle greenhouse. Exhaustive reviews of literature. The 46 studies examined included a life cycle assessment of the use of geothermal, photovoltaic, solar, and energy for renewable electricity and heat generation. The study shows the variability in current studies (results) in electricity and heat generation greenhouse tracking. This review indicates that the best greenhouse design has been considered by three factors from previous research: First, renewable energy sources. Secondly, solar energy for thermal purposes. Thirdly, the internal greenhouse climate is monitored and controlled.

Keywords- Solar Energy; Smart Greenhouse; PV; Greenhouse; PV/T.