Consequence Of Aerobic and Anaerobic Training on Physical and Physiological Variables Among Kerala Women Football Players


  • Dr.N.C.Jesus Rajkumar, R. Hamza


45 Female Football Players From Kerala, India, Were Chosen To Fulfil The Study's Aim. The Age Range Of The Chosen Subject Was 17 To 21 Years Old. The Subjects Were Divided Into Three Classes At Random, With 15 Subjects In Each Group. Group A Was The Anaerobic Training Group, Group B Was The Anaerobic Training Group, And Group C Was The Control Group. The Research Was Set Up As A Post-Test Only Random Group Survey. The Experimental Phase Lasted For Six Weeks. All Of The Participants Were Tested For Muscular Strength And Vital Ability After The Experimental Procedure. The Subjects' Post-Test Scores Were Formed From The Final Test Scores. The Results Of The Post-Test Were Analysed Statistically Using Analysis Of Covariance. The Level Of Trust For Testing Hypotheses Was Set To 0.05 In All Cases. After 6 Weeks Of Aerobic And Anaerobic Training, Both In Natural/Terrestrial And Artificial Environments, Aerobic And Anaerobic Training Has Been Shown To Be An Efficient Way To Boost Strength Endurance And Respiratory Rate In Female Football Players.