Multi Formations Completion Design in Abu Amood Oilfield


  • Rassol Hashem Hameed, Mohammed S. Al-Jawad


Abu Amood field is located in the northwestern part of Dhi Qar Governorate. The field contains five wells and each well produces from four formations. The aim of this study is to find the best completion for multi formations for (Mauddud, Nahr Umr, Zubair and Ratawi).

PIPESIM software was used to build production model for each of the wells selected in this study, which are (AAm-1, AAm-2, AAm-3, AAm-4 and AAm-5). The well configuration was built depending on completion reports. PVT data match has been done to select best correlation for each properties. The best correlations obtained were Lasater correlation for bubble point in all formations. While Beggs et at correlation for oil viscosity in all formations. While Lasater correlation for gas oil ratio in the Mauddud, Nahr Umr and Zubair formations, and standing correlation for gas oil ratio in the Ratawi formation. While petrosky correlation for oil FVF in the Mauddud, Zubair and Ratawi formations, and standing correlation for oil FVF in the Nahr Umr formation. Building inflow performance relationship (IPR). Vertical lift correlation matching has been done to select best correlation for each formation. Completion design of the multiple formation  where  each well is produces from four formations and some of the formations are produced through the tubing and some other produced through the annulus. Connect the wells to the separator through junctions. The system was analyzed depending on separator pressure of (400 psi), the tubing size (OD) of (2 7/8) inch and critical flow through maximum open choke. 

 The best completion is completion(3). The results showed the effect of Nahr Umr formation pressure on Mauddud, Zubair and Ratawi formations and this leads to decrease in the flow rates. The effect of Ratawi formation pressure on the Zubair formation pressure.