A Conceptual Framework of Sustainable Supply Chain Management of Solar Photovoltaic


  • Farah Adilah Ishak , Wan Nurul Karimah Wan Ahmad , Eta Wahab , Alina Shamsuddin


The demand for solar energy is increasing, which requires more effective strategies that could integrate
environmental considerations into the management of its supply chain. In Malaysia, the government has carried out
various efforts to develop and promote the utilization of solar energy resources by formulating policies and
programs for solar photovoltaic (PV). However, little studies have been conducted to identify the strategies that
could facilitate the implementation of the initiatives in the context of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM)
of solar PV. This paper, therefore, proposes a conceptual framework that aims to improve our understanding on the
factors that could influence the implementation of SSCM in the solar PV industry as well as the strategies that could
be used. The framework was developed based on a review of literature on solar PV development and SSCM. The
framework could facilitate future exploration of the topic and identification of SSC