Towards Profiling Classification in Special Education: Rotoscopy Pre-handwriting Interface


  • Muhammad Fakri Othman , Noor Azah Samsudin , Saifullizam Puteh


Special education shall utilise Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to enable a profiling classification
system can be put into practice. This study implements a prototype of Roto scopy Pre-handwriting Interface (RPI) for
a group of children with dyspraxia. The children with dyspraxia are primarily having coordination disorder which
give impact towards the development of their handwriting skills. Consequently, the children have to struggle to hold
a pencil appropriately as their conditions limit both, fine and gross-motor skills. Therefore, an animation technique
called ‘Rotoscopy’, originally used in computer animation and digital video editing has been applied in a novel
computer prototypes known as Rotoscopy Pre-handwriting Interface (RPI). RPI is developed with the aim to help
children with dyspraxia improves their pre-handwriting skills. This paper presents significant findings of the RPI
prototypes evaluation to secondary school pupils from a special education school’s classes in Johor, Malaysia