Impacts of Particulate Matter on Life of Vietnamese Urban People

  • Huynh Tan Hoi, KieuThi Thu Chung


Particulate matter directly affects everyone. In particular, fine dust seriously affects the elderly and children. Because the immune system is not fully developed, children are most affected by air pollution. The same concentration of polluted gas inhaled, the amount of substance directly entering the body of children can be 2 times higher than that of adults. In addition, people with weak health and people with a history of respiratory and cardiovascular disease are the ones most affected. Air pollution is one of the most painful problems that urban areas in the world are facing, including of course Vietnam. Numerous studies have shown the negative effects that low air quality has on human health, from diseases related to the respiratory system to intellectual impairment. Therefore, we need comprehensive measures to protect ourselves from air pollution, not just stop at a mask that can filter dust