Thermodynamic analysis of two-phase ejector assisted mechanical compression refrigeration system for performance comparison with other ejector assisted systems

  • Anoop Kumar.M , Devenra Kumar Patel


The application of a two phase ejector for compressor head pressure reduction and thereby
electricity saving in a two phase ejector assisted vapour compression refrigeration cycle is analysed
theoretically. The two phase ejector is modelled and validated with existing experimental data. The
application feasibility in terms of entrainment ratio and back pressure of a two phase ejector in place of a
vapour ejector in a conventional ejector enhanced vapour compression refrigeration system is analysed and
it is found to be feasible. Further the performance of two-phase ejector compression system is compared
considering similar operating conditions with that of various other ejector assisted refrigeration systems. The
results shows the present system has better electrical COP. Also, the heat input required is less compared to
systems that use vapour ejectors.