Image Enhancement based upon GWO-GA Optimized Algorithm using Kuwahara Filter

  • Er. Manvi Sharma , Dr Jaspreet Singh , Er. Bharti Duhan


Digitization has emerged as a very popular technology. Digital images are taken to capture the
moments and other things. However, there are several factors that reduce the quality of the image such as
noise, contrast, low light, and high contrast. To overcome these issues, different approaches have been
designed by the researchers. Image enhancement is the process of enhancing the low-quality images.
Histogram equalization, filtering, contrast enhancement are several methods that are being used to this end.
This paper proposed a novel method after performing a narrative review in which limitations of cuckoo
search optimization were observed. The novel model amalgamates gray wolf Optimization and genetic
algorithm to overcome the drawbacks of Cuckoo Search (CS) method. Apart from this, the proposed method
is made more efficacious by introducing Kuwahara Filter. This filter is utilized to remove the extra noise
from the edges of images attained after applying the enhancement technique. The Results are performed
using MATLAB software and the comparison of the existing Cuckoo Search method and designed GWOGA method showed the supremacy of proposed method over different quality parameters.