Literary Work as Teaching Materials:A Study of Students and Lecturers Needs Analysis

  • Muthmainnah , Asfah Rahman , Haryanto Atmowardoyo , Kisman Salija , Andi Asrifan


— The orientation of learning English in higher education is to prepare professionals students and
skilled workers who have language skills applicants for job positions in the public and private sectors.
Looking at the above phenomenon, English lecturers in higher education are expected to have the ability to
analyze student needs so that they can design appropriate teaching and learning processes, especially in
English language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) and components in English (Grammar
& Vocabulary). The purpose of this study is to identify some factual information about the needs of higher
education students in learning English and analyze the suitability of the content in English textbooks with
students in higher education in terms of student needs (students' needs). The participants of this course were
the first semester students of Education Study Program in the 2017/2018 academic year total fifty-two
students and three English lecturers. The descriptive qualitative data of this study were obtained by doing an
interview and distributing a questionnaire to the participants. The data obtained were about the problems
usually faced by the students and the needs or preferences during the English language course at Al
Asyariah Mandar University of Indonesia. The data from the needs analysis were used to design the syllabus
and to develop the materials. The data finding in this study shows most of the students and lecturers believe
by using literary work film, song, short story, poem, novel and drama improve their English competence in
learning English as a foreign language.