Improving Solving Problem Ability with Tower of Hanoi Puzzle

  • Cynthia C. Honrales


Several studies have shown that the monochromatic Tower of Hanoi (TOH) Puzzle enhances the solving problemability of students in mathematics.  This study aimed is to determine the students’ solving problem ability through the TOH puzzle presented in three realias-–the unicolored, bicolored, and multicolored.  The study used the randomized block design, with random assignment as strategy in selecting 117 samples participants.  Results showed that the female group performed better by time in solving the bicolored realia. This confirms that females have a keener sense of color perception than males. Further, the study also revealed how students themselves developed certain strategies in solving the puzzle. The qualitative data generated through interview showed an improvement in student’s problem-solving ability in general.  The study recommended that the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle be part of the problem-solving activity in classroom instruction.