A Review on Image integrity for IP TV Services using VLSI Approach

  • Vasudheva Reddy Nandigama, Prashant V. Joshi, R. Karthik


In the data exchange over a network, integrity of the data is of a major concern. In developing approaches for image integrity, major focus is given on the development of image quality and its accuracy retaining visual quality. With emergence of new technology, different approaches were developed for maintaining the integrity over various distortions in the channel. With evolution of new network structures and mode of data exchange, the ease of access has increased. Users are now open to access the data on go, using wireless mode of communication. In synchronous to evolving data exchange Television (TV) application is also tending to wireless domain, where TV services are observed in portable device of communication in data exchange. In the development of TV service provisioning, new technologies in the domain of computer network is developed. IP-TV is observed to be the best suitable service in this need. This paper outlines the developments of IP-TV application in present application reviewed with integration perspective for higher quality.