Tracking of ADC System with Remote Accelerator Pedal

  • Athira Stephen, Jisha Jacob


Safety-essential automobile packages have intense needs for practical protection and reliability. Conventionally, practical protection necessities had been controlled via way of means of vehicle producers and gadget providers. Safety are going to be described via way of means regarding current protection standards: IEC 61508 (International Electro technical Commission (IEC) and ISO 26262. To achieve the safety requirements of automotive industry, the entire process of ISO26262 standard to be followed on every development cycle (Hardware/Software). This project presents Monitoring of ADC for system with remote accelerator pedal. It deals with monitoring the ADC data transfer and ensuring it's within limits required in automotive so as to forestall safety hazards. Additionally to already available accelerator pedal, ADC conversion in remote accelerator pedal also should be monitored parallel. It read analog value converted to digital value and given to controller. If there any failures happening inside ADC it'll effect total system, for that reason ADC monitoring is required. Here acceleration pedal position defines the driver requested engine torque. If the accelerator pedal position gets incorrectly read, there will be unwanted acceleration. For that case safety is required so we select ADC monitoring.