Design and Implementation of Hybrid VM Migration Algorithm in Intra-Cluster Environment

  • Sahana B , K. Bhavani Shankar , Karthik M , Krishna Chalwadi , Abhay Deshapande


—Scenarios in which the number of users overflows in cloud data or management centre, in order
to trim down thrifty cost and guarantee better service quality the hardware management and virtual machine
management becomes very challenging. Migration of VM is a preparation procedure for most of cloud
management undertaking and thus achieves fault tolerance. VM migration releases the inherent hardware
and manages the system from performance degradation.
VM Migration plans are arranged from three points of view: Mode; Space; and Granularity. The
investigations on live Migration are extensively overviewed dependent on the three fundamental difficulties
it faces: cost of migration; number of migration check and down time. This paper proposes a hybrid
algorithm which helps in finding shortest path based on calculating the cost/weight of the path. A working
implementation of an algorithm calculates a sensibly best sequence of Virtual machine migrations from a
given first position to a given final position.The hybrid algorithm developed enhances the result
approximately by 26% with respect to Dijkstra algorithm. The cost function calculated by the hybrid
algorithm is always lesser than that of traditional Dijkstra algorithm