Effective Requirement Engineering Process by incorporating Risk Management Approach

  • Neha Singh, Dhirendra Pandey, Vandana Pandey, Mohd Waris Khan


Software engineering is affecting almost every aspect of our daily life. Software development is
the basic activity in the world of software engineering and information technology. Software development
involves some set of steps that are called as software development life cycle. It is considerable for success of
any software that each step of SDLC is error and defect free. But it is unfortunate to proceed in SDLC
without any uncertainties. So it is great if we identify and analyze the risks at early steps of SDLC.
Requirement engineering is introductory phase of software development life cycle in which the basic
requirements are gathered from customer. If risks are ignored at requirement engineering phase then it will
have negative impacts on the projects ability to achieve performance and outcome goals. The main theme of
this paper is to highlight the risk factors in the requirement engineering phase and fixing them by
incorporating risk management approach. The conclusion of this paper explains the importance of executing
the risk management in requirement engineering process