Wirless Mouse using Video Processing

  • Prof. Rajendra Prasad Mahapatra, Akshit Gupta, Vasu Tyagi, Deepika Saxena, Shubham Chaurasiya


This paper portrays a dream based totally interface to address the computer mouse via 2d hand traits. development of Human pc interplay (HCI) has redirected the enthusiasm of scientists for normal collaboration strategies as of past due. anyhow, the advancement of automatic sign processors has expanded a ton inside the maximum current decade provide higher execution in the field of picture dealing with. This makes area for the vision-based innovation that is increasingly regular to paintings with hand motions. alongside these lines, numerous analysts have started to work inside the area of visible mouse but with an exchange method. Pak Erdem et al. building up a method in which he aced the mouse development via following the fingertip and snap occurs when a client's hands through an all around characterized zone on the screen .Numerous continuous applications based hand motion acknowledgment has been sent in reality in which we connect with PCs. shading location procedures depend on the camera by hand developments. This strategy is especially centered around utilizing Web cameras to create virtual HCI gadgets in a financially savvy way. This paper proposes a dream based framework for controlling an assortment of exercises, for example, left and right mouse clicks utilizing hand motions to make collaboration progressively productive and solid.