Real Time Analysis of Air Pollution Level in Metropolitian Cities by Adopting Cloud Computing based Pollution Control Monitoring System using Nano Sensors


  • Dr. S. Shitharth, Ms. Korukonda Manimala, Ms. V. V. Bhavani, Mr. Srikanth Nalluri


Air pollution is a serious problem in thickly populated and industrialized areas. Economic growth and industrialization are proceeding at a rapid pace, accompanied by increasing emissions of air due to automobile vehicles, industries are the polluting sources. Environmental impacts of air pollutants have impact on public health, vegetation, material deterioration etc. To prevent or minimize the damage caused by atmospheric pollution, suitable RFID based cloud based monitoring systems are urgently needed that can rapidly and reliably detect and quantify polluting sources. Cloud computing based IOT module attached with Nano sensor and frequency identification emerges together to find the solution for the Air pollution control in automobile vehicles. All the pollution control monitoring data will be stored in common think speak cloud database.  The IOT based RFID sensor module is placed in toll booth collection centre and traffic light signal area. When the vehicle cross any traffic light signal and toll booth area by using our proposed project module it will check the pollution exhaustion level of the vehicle and update the information in the cloud database. If the vehicle exhibits more exhaustion of gas it intimates to the particular police station and to the owner of the vehicle about the over exhaustion of gases in his vehicle. In India Air Pollution realed issues are doubled every year due to increase in population. Here we tried to control the air Pollution caused by the Motor Vehicles related issues by the latest IOT based RFID technology using nano sensors. RFID reader and monitoring hardware is placed in all the traffic signals, Toll Gates and Parking areas. It reads the tag while the vehicle crossing the system and checks the date expiry of insurance and smoke test status. If any issues, it will alert the traffic moderators. Then necessary action will be taken by traffic and transport control department