Study on suitability of controllers for D-STATCOM for enhancing Power Quality


  • B.V. Manikandan, V.Jayasankar , S.Rajesh Babu


In major industries, the usage of nonlinear loads has increased largely. Power quality issues are mainly due to nonlinear loads and it is having significant effect on it. Harmonics lead to many undesirable effects like overheating and reduction in efficiency. Life of the equipments and devices also substantially decreased due to poor power quality. In this work, voltage source converter based D-STATCOM with novel control strategy has been introduced to enhance power quality. The proposed control system of the D-STATCOM is created on three different control strategies namely, instantaneous power theory, harmonic cancellation and synchronous vector PI controller. Power quality assessment is made at the point of common coupling (PCC) to endorse the performance of the proposed controller. Simulation analysis is carried out with two different nonlinear loads to assess the power quality phenomena with focus towards mitigating harmonics. Also, the validation of the proposed controller has been made by comparing with conventional PI controller based D-STATCOM