Effect of Work Support Behavior and Workplace Spirituality on Organizational Commitment

  • Dr. Benita S. Monica, B. Gayathri Lakshmi, V. Geethika


The study attempts to understand theassociation between work support behavior, work based spirituality and organizational commitment, which gives an outline for structural values to the working environment. The study has focused on finding whether an individual’s work experience in an organization will have an effect on their commitment. An individual’s work experience in an organization is assessed using constructs such as perceived organizational support (POS), perceived supervisory support (PSS) and workplace spirituality (WS). The study was conducted on 140 employees working in tourism sector. The data collected was analyzed using multiple linear regression and factor analysis.The results suggest that rather than work support behavior, employee’s commitment has a positive effect on workplace spirituality. The implications are suggested to human resource managers to develop commitment of workers which will enhance spirituality towards employees.