A Study on Consumer Purchase Behaviour towards online Shopping In Chennai

  • Dr. S. N. Soundara Rajan, Dr. Benita S. Monica, Raghavi L. U., Naren E.


Consumer satisfaction is the degree to which the customer is satisfied with the product, service or experience offered by the organization or company. Satisfaction from the customer is very important factor to be considered from the company’s point of view. Customers return back to purchase the product or service only when they are satisfied with it. Therefore, it’s important to retain customers with satisfaction. Also, customers who are satisfied will always remain loyal to the company or organization. Online shopping is an e-commerce platform which allows the customers to directly buy goods and services. The primary aim of the study is to understand the consumer satisfaction towards online shopping in Chennai. The data wasgathered from 55 general public living in Chennai, Tamilnadu. The result concludes that level of satisfaction on online shopping does not differ based on age. Also, there is no statistically significant difference between attraction of discount offered by website and age.