Supply Chain Management in Indian Fishing Industry

  • Dr. Prasanna Sivanandam, Roshine Jose J., Balaji


Fourth-largest seafood exporter in the world is India.$7.08 billion is the new height reached by theseafood exports of India.The invaluable dissemination methods has lead to the increase in the interest of marine and aquatic related species(fishes,crabs,shrimps,etc) which further has incited the worldwide exchange.This has encouraged the emergence of new products into the market.This paper researches the flow of supply chain from the source point(i.e., from fishermen) to various destination. In order to satisfy the demand of the fishing products, an unpredictability in the supply chain must be focused.The  fishing  industries  showcase  in  particular challenging supply chains. Supply chains take joint liability for giving sheltered and excellent items. The article briefly explains the ethics to followed in the supply chain management of fishing industry, since it must include item streams and data transparency.The technology that can be applied in the fishing supply chain is proposed here.Also this article states the after effects of COVID-19 in the supply chain management of Indian fishingindustry and the measures undergone by the Government of India to face the consequences that has been created due to the pandemic effect.